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You wll start speaking with the BeeSpeaker app thanks to lessons with real foreign language tutors on your phone!

You will put language into practice through interactive conversations with native speakers anytime.

You will hear male and female native speakers using a wide range of accents.

BeeSpeaker app is a low-cost solution to break the language barrier!

The natural method
in BeeSpeaker app

BeeSpeaker is one of the few language learning apps that puts emphasis on speaking – after all, communication is the most important thing!

This natural method of teaching, which involves talking to foreign language tutors, will bring results in no time.

The nectar of knowledge
in the application

Busy bees who, want to have daily contact with a foreign language and improve their speaking and listening skills, have already downloaded the app – now it’s your turn to join the hive!

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Meet our teachers


I’ m William “Bill” Quigley – an American native speaker born in Boston, Massachusetts who mostly grew up on the south east coast of Florida. I enjoy outdoor activities, concerts, films and much more. Favorite quote: I don’t want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me.


I’m Gareth and as a native speaker of English from Australia, and after completing teacher training in Brisbane (Australia) and London (UK), I have used direct methods to help improve the English levels of more than 700 students over the past 15 years. It is a privilege to be such an important part in the personal development of peoples’ lives. I am passionate about sales and management, I enjoy playing the drums and to be part of the BeeSpeaker revolution is a real thrill.


My name’s Marta and I’m the face of the app (literally). A couple of facts about myself: after ditching my corporate job in 2021, I started my digital nomad life working as an online Polish and English teacher as well as a content creator for various language learning apps. I currently live in Georgia (the country, not the state) and I’m planning on moving either to Central America or Asia in early 2022. I’m passionate about foreign languages, fitness, healthy food, yoga and martial arts.


Hi, my name is Karol. You could say that BeeSpeaker is my next child. I’ve started this project in 2021 and now I am actively working on the further development of the application. I currently live in Tenerife, where my adventure with Spanish started. I assume that the most important thing is to act and practice the language, how about you?


My name’s Gosia and as Margaret Teacher I have been teaching for almost 18 years, both in Poland and England. Medical English is my passion and working with doctors from all over the world has given me a great insight into their professions and cultures. I have been perfecting my skills as a conference interpreter for 7 years and thus stepping out of my comfort zone, in such places as Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance in London. As an IELTS instructor I have also helped hundreds of students get into thier dream universities abroad. Recently, I get a lot of fun doing voiceovers in social campaigns and commercials. Privately, I’m a mother, a dog owner, I train box and decorate cupcakes.


My name is Patrycja and I currently live in Poland. My history with the English language began in my childhood when I moved to the UK with my parents. I’m a huge fan of Polish cuisine.


My name is Paulina and I have lived in the UK for 14 years. She loves teaching and is additionally an English trainer for adults. I run my profile on Instagram, where I also share my passion which is the English language.


I’m Magda. English has always been there. I could sing Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys songs in the middle of the night, even though I didn’t understand what they were about. I was fascinated by the culture of the United States, and I dreamed about enrolling in American Studies. When I studied, I learned about an excellent method of acquiring a new language. My English pronunciation teacher would always say, “follow the sounds.” He asked us to repeat the prerecorded speeches – radio shows, TEDx speeches, excerpts from TV series and films. Thanks to his method, I overcame my fear of speaking and learned English, Spanish, German, and Danish. I am addicted to languages, good people, coffee, and cinnamon rolls.


Hi, I’m Erik. In 2015, I left the California wine country to live and teach in Poland. Moving here has allowed me to rediscover my love of teaching, which began in Tokyo in 1998. I’ve had many strange experiences in my long life, in various countries and states, and love hearing about others’ lives and passions. For me, teaching English is not just about vocabulary or grammar, but a doorway to meaningful and empathetic connection with the broader world.

Your questions

BeeSpeaker is a modern and innovative application for learning foreign languages, which will help you build your self-confidence in a natural way and will make you never be ashamed to speak English again.

The core of our courses is the natural method,, which involves speaking to foreign language tutors who are available to you in the app. This will allow you to break the language barrier and the fear of speaking in a foreign language. The application uses machine learning – it recognises your spoken responses, so communication is not one-sided! Based on this method, we have focused on creating short lesson sessions that you can complete at a convenient place any time.

Do you get nervous at the thought of saying a single sentence in English? Then BeeSpeaker is for you! Speaking a foreign language doesn’t have to be boring and stressful. We focus on what is most important in communication with other people – the conversation. Going on holiday abroad and wondering how to order a coffee without milk at the hotel bar? Are you afraid to ask about the price at a stall because you don’t feel confident speaking a foreign language? In BeeSpeaker you have a unique opportunity to use the language in practice by talking to Bill, Margaret or any other tutor waiting inside the app. They are there for you!

No way! BeeSpeaker has been prepared primarily to make the application as easy to use and intuitive as possible. It really is a modern language app for everyone.

You can install the app yourself on almost all phones and tablets. To do this, use the
Google Play link if you have an Android device or the Apple Store if you are using iOS.

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