You find it hard to learn a new language?

Too embarrassed to speak in English?

Language courses are too expensive?

Sweet! BeeSpeaker was made for you!

Be a part of our revolution
and release your speech!

What is BeeSpeaker?

A linguistic revolution!

BeeSpeaker is an innovative application for learning foreign languages, thanks to which you will gain self-confidence and conduct fluent English conversation without any problems.

Your digital native speaker

Our innovative learning programme is prepared in cooperation with the best language specialists. It is based on a unique algorithm of a digital native speaker.

Your ticket to
the world of languages!

Focus on what’s important:
with Beespeaker you will build your self-confidence and prepare to conduct conversations in English.

Typical obstacles
when learning a new language:

Fear of speaking and making mistakes

Limited time for
a language course

1-on-1 lessons with native speakers are expensive

Not many apps to practise speaking and pronunciation

What is the natural method?

The assumption of the natural method is learning through repetition and correction. You learn a language like a child – first by observing and then repeating it. The main emphasis is on speaking properly.

User is listening and then trying themselves – the essence of the natural method

The app corrects user’s pronounciation – just like a teacher would

The app is voice-controlled – replicating the flow of a lesson with native speaker


BeeSpeaker is a modern and innovative application for learning foreign languages, which will help you build your self-confidence in a natural way and will make you never be ashamed to speak English again.

Together with language learning experts, we have developed a digital native speaker function that will always be available to you in the mobile application. Our teaching system is focused on conducting conversations and quickly constructing thoughts in a foreign language. Bzzz… plus the whole app is incredibly user-friendly and looks like a game!

For anyone who would like to speak English fluently and hassle-free. If a foreigner asks you on the street where to go somewhere, and you have a “lump” in your throat, even though you understand him, then BeeSpeaker is for you! In our application, from the very beginning you have contact with another person who will teach you everything from scratch and build your self-confidence to speak English!

No way! BeeSpeaker has been prepared primarily to make the application as easy to use and intuitive as possible. It really is a modern language app for everyone.

We are preparing to launch the application on the market in November 2021. But while you are here, you have the amazing opportunity to be one of the first 2,000 people to test our language revolution for free! Additionally, each person who signs up by 01/11/2021 will receive a 30% discount on the premium version. Click here to sign up.